honoring goob

July 4th, 2012 – October 20th, 2022 (10 yrs, 3 mo)
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Those who met Goob described him as an affectionate, loving boy with a lot to say. You couldn’t help but love him after meeting him; I knew I was going to adopt him the second I was introduced to him via the foster program at the Evanston Animal Shelter. I knew it would be a lot of work to keep an insulin-dependent cat; but Goob made all of it worth it. Aside from his daily insulin regiment, you’d never know he was anything but happy and healthy.


My partner, Atif, and I received word from our cat sitters that Goob was in critical condition while on a trip across the country. He had been found unresponsive after an extended hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episode.  Atif jumped on the next plane to Seattle – just to be able to hold Goob as we made the impossible choice to end his suffering. 


The cost of non-emergent veterinary care in this country is severe; because the hospital that admitted Goob was well-resourced, it meant that even more extraordinary measures than usual were taken. Combine that with the unfortunate timing of their closing – 7PM, when my partners’ flight arrived at 7:30PM – we accrued the additional expense of transferring Goob to another facility. 



How You Can Help

The first facility cost $2,293.50; the second, $1,403.34. In total, it cost us $3,696.84 to watch a member of our family pass. We had all of our cats insured with Lemonade; they were able to reimburse us $2,149.71. That leaves a $1547.13 credit card bill and $250 in fees languishing.


I’m currently under-employed; my partner has taken on an outsized percentage of our cost of living. Any donation of any amount will help keep us from insolvency. If you’ve ever loved or lost a pet, you know how impossible this feels; even moreso knowing that none of this will bring Goob back. But we’re asking anyway. Thank you 💜 

[wc_woo_donation id="187"]